Friday, September 2, 2011

so, here's some work I just finished for various projects....hope you enjoy!

One of my teammates has done LOTS of work putting together people group are unavailable for many of the groups, so she let me paint portraits to put in place of a photo...there will be more to do, I think...but, these are the ones I have finished thus far...

Manyika of Mozambique

Krim of Sierra Leone

Hausa of Ethiopia

Hausa of Sudan

Luyana of Namibia

Chopi people

Marghi of Nigeria

Also, I did a few more henna paintings to give as gifts...

Story of Mary and Martha

Story of Elijah when God spoke to him through a still, small voice...

In July, the Flavors of Africa project was finally's one more painting from that series....

anyway, that's all for now...

May you're day be blessed and filled with the Joy of our God....


  1. love love love these!! miss you so much!

  2. You are so talented. Your work is beautiful. As are you.